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  • How long will my delivery take?
    You will receive a confirmation email after placing your order along with an approximate ETA. ETA’s are approximate and subject to change. You will be updated if that’s the case.
  • Delivery zones and minimum delivery amounts
    We deliver to Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. The minimum delivery is dependent upon your location, but generally it is $60 within Astoria, Sunnyside, Jackson Heights, and Woodside. Everywhere else is $100. The minimum delivery amount will be automatically calculated based on the location you’ve provided on the order checkout page.
  • Days and hours of operation
    We are open daily (365 days a year) from 12pm to 9pm
  • Ordering in bulk / Specific orders
    We offer large quantities of items in bulk that aren’t featured on the website. To inquire about an order of this type please contact us at or use the “contact us” section of the website.
  • What payments you accept?
    We only accept cash upon delivery. We don’t accept digital payments of any type. Please be sure to have the exact amount or let us know that you need change in the order notes.
  • I live outside of the delivery zones - are there any options for me?
    We do make exceptions for larger deliveries that are nearby or if you can travel then we can meet you within the delivery zones. For larger delivery inquiries please contact us at For those who want to travel into the city just input the address of the location you’d like to meet at in the order process. Let us know you’ll be traveling in within the notes section.
  • How can I edit or cancel an order if I make a mistake?
    Please contact us at and put your order # in the subject line, or tell the driver if you’ve already received the text that they are on the way.
  • Does the driver come to my door or do I need to meet them outside?
    We prefer that you come outside to meet the driver in the car. We can make special exceptions for those who might have a medical ailment or other issue. Please let us know in the notes section when placing an order.
  • Browsing the menu
    Our menu is broken down into product groups, such as Vaporizers, Edibles, Flowers, Concentrates, etc. The colors on each item indicate the strain type: Sativa (yellow), Indica (blue), Hybrid (green), or High CBD (purple). You can tap the product groups to jump to that part of the menu and filter down to a specific strain type by tapping the strain type icon. Tapping on a specific item will then display more details and product description. Please note that the Blackbox menu only displays products that are currently available for delivery in your area. This means that you may see menu changes as products are added or when drivers in your area run out of inventory. If an item you want is no longer available, please check again later as it may reappear on the menu as drivers restock throughout the day. In some cases it may take around 2-4 weeks to restock certain products. If you have any questions regarding product availability, please email us at
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